As s business owner, it is imperative for you to keep an eye on the safety and security of your business secrets, assets, people and finances. Protecting your business is not just about preventing theft or damage to property, it is also about ensuring the safety of your employees and customers. That is why investing in a comprehensive and reliable business security system should be a priority for you. In this article, we will share the benefits of installing a dependable business security system, the types of commercial security systems available, the components of a business security system, the costs associated with installing and running a security system and factors to consider when choosing a business security system.

Benefits of Installing a Reliable Business Security System

Let’s talk about the benefits of installing a security system at your business first. If you are going to invest in a good system, you should be able to see the benefits clearly to justify that expenditure. Some benefits of employing a security system are as follows:

  1. Deterrence: Criminals are unlikely to attempt to break into your business because a visible security system discourages them and makes them think twice about targeting your business. Knowing that if they attempt to attack your business, they are likely to get caught is sure to keep them from considering your business as an easy target.
  2. Peace of Mind: As a business owner, you know that your business is being monitored 24/7 by a reliable security system. This means that you can focus on running your business, knowing that your property, employees, and customers are safe. This is the case, especially, if you have hired a reliable security agency to monitor and protect your premises – they take care of this essential function so you don’t have to employ any personnel to do it yourself.
  3. Lower Insurance Cost: Reduce your insurance cost by installing a security system at your workplace. Many insurance companies offer discounts to businesses that have a security system installed. This can help you save money on insurance premiums in the long run.
  4. Video Evidence: In the event of a break-in at your workplace, there is video evidence that can be helpful to law enforcement in finding out what happened, who did it and how to catch the perpetrators. This evidence can be helpful in your insurance claims as well.
  5. Timely Response: The presence of an alarm system can ensure that the authorities are alerted about the intrusion in your premises as soon as it happens and they can take immediate action to address the event, ensuring that your assets are protected or in the worst case, retrieved early.
  6. Addressing Internal Theft: In addition to tackling external threats, one of the major benefits of getting a security system installed is the minimization of internal theft. Unfortunate as it is, in many cases, threats to your business might not be external only. With a sound and comprehensive security system in place, you can monitor if any employee has been damaging or stealing the physical or non-physical assets of your company.
security camera dome

Security dome camera part of a comprehensive security system

Types of Commercial Security Systems

Depending on the requirements of the business, there are several types of commercial security systems available. Following are some of the most common types that are employed most frequently. 

  1. CCTV systems: Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is a system of security cameras connected to a monitoring system, facilitating surveillance of a location. CCTV has become increasingly common in security applications, due to its effectiveness in preventing and detecting crime.
  2. Access control systems: An access control system is a technology that is used to control and restrict access to physical or virtual resources. It is typically used to protect sensitive information or assets from unauthorized users. Access control systems can be used to control and restrict access to buildings, rooms, data, files, and other resources. It can be as simple as a lock and key or more complex like electronic card reader systems.
  3. Alarm systems: An alarm system is a system designed to detect and warn people of impending danger, typically associated with intruders or environmental hazards. Alarm systems can be either physical or electronic, and are typically designed to alert people to dangers such as fires, carbon monoxide poisoning, and burglary. Some alarm systems also provide monitoring and emergency response services.
  4. Monitoring systems: A security monitoring system is a critical component of business security systems. It is designed to detect and respond to internal and external threats and security events, track and log information about these events, and generate reports to help security analysts investigate and resolve them. Security monitoring systems can be implemented as on-premises software, cloud-based solutions, or a combination of both. In many cases, security monitoring systems are the first line of defence against attacks, providing invaluable insights into the behaviour of threats.

Components of a Business Security System

A business security system is made up of several components. The most important components are the control panel, sensors, and alarms. 

  1. The control panel is the brain of the system and is responsible for communicating with the sensors and alarms. 
  2. Sensors are used to detect activity on your business premises, such as motion sensors and door/window sensors. 
  3. Alarms are used to alert you to any activity detected by the sensors.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Business Security System

When choosing a business security system, there are several factors to consider. 

Firstly, you need to consider the size of your business and the number of employees. This will determine the complexity of the system you need. From the number of pieces of hardware to the sophistication of the software.

Secondly, you need to consider the nature of your business. For instance, if you run a cold storage warehouse, installing temperature sensors may be very important for you.

Thirdly, you need to consider your budget. A reliable business security system can be expensive, therefore, you need to consider what benefits you aim to derive from the system and how it fits into your budget.

Costs of Security Systems at Your Workplace

Before you go ahead with purchasing a security system, consider the associated costs that are involved in installing and running a security system at your workplace. This would help you understand how you should budget your purchase as well as enable you to make an informed decision instead of looking at every expense as a surprise. 

  1. Hardware costs: This entails the expense you will incur when you purchase the physical components of the system like cameras, sensors and detectors etc
  2. Installation costs: This involves the expense that the security system team will charge you upon installing the system at your premises. It is recommended to employ a professional team to instal the security system instead of doing it yourself because they are trained to do that with specificity and skill.
  3. Maintenance costs: Like with any other digital system, there are certain costs associated with the repair and maintenance of the hardware and software components of the system. The frequency of these costs depends on the quality of the system installed as well as the environment. With high-quality equipment, you can minimize your maintenance costs. Environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, care in use and other factors may affect how well the equipment lasts and needs repairs.
  4. Monitoring costs: You can opt to add an extra layer of security by adding monitoring of security devices like alarms, sensors and cameras at your premises. 

For further information on how we can help you manage your security expenses encompassing the hardware, maintenance and related services, please reach out to us here.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, a reliable business security system is essential for any business. It provides peace of mind, deters criminals, and can reduce insurance costs. There are several types of commercial security systems available, including CCTV systems, access control systems, and alarm systems. When choosing a business security system, you need to consider the size of your business, the type of business you run, and your budget. Investing in a reliable business security system is a smart decision that can help protect your business and keep your employees and customers safe.

If you want to protect your business and ensure the safety of your employees and customers, it is advised to invest in a reliable business security system today. Contact us and get a quote for the best business security system that suits your needs.